Advances in Iron and Steelmaking

CIM Bulletin, 1966

F. J. McMulkin Vice-President (Research), Dominion Foundries & Steel Ltd., Hamilton, Ont.

This paper, the 1965 Airey Memorial Lecture, reviews the world-wide technical advances in iron and steelmaking, and offers an appraisal of the new techniques which will be applied in the future. After a review of blast furnace operations, the continuous steelmaking process is described, and the resulting techniques of degassing and continuous casting are discussed at length. Pressure pouring, hot rolling, cold rolling and coating practices are also outlined, and considerable space is devoted to the direct reduction process. Finally, the application of the computer to steelmaking operations is discussed in some detail.
Keywords: basic oxygen furnace, blast furnace, continuous casting, iron ore, steelmaking, blast furnace, blast furnaces, Furnaces, Process, Processes, steel, Steelmaking, Steels