Acid Pulp Handling at Eldorado's Port Radium Operation

CIM Bulletin, 1961


This paper deals with materials of construction and problems encountered and overcome in leaching and filtration of an oxidized sulphuric acid slurry in the Port Radium mill after eight years of operation. The slurry is characterized by a high calcium sulphate content as well as a high chloride level under oxidized conditions, both of which affected initial design and subsequent changes. Leach agitation tanks are of wood with a mild steel superstructure and stainless steel agitator and moving parts below solution level. Electropolished 316 stainless steel cooling coils are used for temperature control of the slurry. The string filters are of the Oliver type with wood decking. Extensive use is made of wood, Linatex lined mild steel and stainless steel for the slurry handling.
Keywords: Acid, Agitators, calcium sulphate, mild steel, slurry, stainless steel, sulphuric acid, Filters, Slurry, Stainless Steels, steel, Sulphate, Sulphates