A western Canadian coal producer's viewpoint

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 81, No. 913, 1988

G. CAPOBIANCO, Esso Resources Canada Limited, Calgary, Alberta

The coal industry is an important part of Canada's economy — as an energy source, employer, and generator of export earnings. Coal comprises 71 % of our fossil energy and with rapidly advancing handling and burning technology will clearly play a major role in our national energy mix, eventually as synthetic gases and liquids. International coal markets are very competitive and Canada is disadvantaged by long rail hauls to port, and a heavy tax burden. However, high mine productivity has allowed us to increase our markets. Currently, domestic markets are dominated by coal use for electrical generation, a market with significant growth opportunities. Strong growth is expected in export thermal markets, while metallurgical coal demand is projected to show little or no growth in the medium term.
Keywords: Coal, Economics, Energy, Power generation, Mineral economics, Coal markets, Coal production.