A Theoretical Approach To The Evaluation of In-Situ Coal

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 71, No. 792, 1978

K. W. Edwards and K. M. Banks, Roke Oil Enterprises Ltd., Calgary, Alberta

The formulation of a theoretical basis for the evaluation of in-situ coal through the use of geophysical logs is outlined. This involved the development of an approach to the interpretation of resistivity in environments having multiple conductive and non-conductive components. Utilizing this approach and other conventional interpretation techniques, a program was developed yielding accurate determinations of the in-situ percentages of coal, water and ash for the evaluation of coal deposits. Basic information obtained from the CWA program can be utilized in numerous aspects of total mine planning. Some examples of the practical application of this method are included.
Keywords: Coal exploration, Geophysical exploration, Logging, Drillhole logging, Resistivity, Density, CWA method, Core analysis.