A Study on the Performance of a 3-in. Hydrocyclone Classifier

CIM Bulletin, 1973

DEB KAN.UNGO and T. C. RAO, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur-16, India

The results of tests carried out on a 3-in. hydrocyclone have shown the linear relationships that exist between: (1) the flow-rate of water in the feed to and the overflow product from the cyclone; (2) the flow-rate of solids in the feed to and the underflow product from the cyclone. The underflow size distribution of an operation has been found to be linear and its usefulness in evaluating particle distribution in the cyclone has been discussed. Effects of design and operating variables on the above relationships have been discussed. The performance of this 3-in. hydrocyclone has been compared with that of a 20-in. cyclone, the results for which are available in the literature.
Keywords: cyclones, flow, Hydrocyclone, hydrocyclone, multiple linear regression, Regression analysis, specific gravity, underflow, Hydrocyclones, Size distribution, test, Tests, Water, Waters