A Study of the Semi-Reduction of Wabana Iron Ore

CIM Bulletin, 1967

T. M. Korzekwa Associate Research Engineer ; A. J. Last Research Scientist; R. L. Cavanagh Departmental Director Department of 1Engineering and Metallurgy, Ontario 1Research 1Foundation, Toronto, Ont.

Following considerable experience with the beneficiation of Wabana iron ore by standard methods, a study was made of the benefits to be obtained by semi-reduction. The basis of the laboratory program was an extensive mineralogical and liberation investigation which guided subsequent work. Partial reduction and beneficiation on a laboratory scale was carried out on lump ore and fines. The reduced ore was magnetically concentrated and the concentrated fines were briquetted. Data are presented on reducibility, sizing vs reduction rate, magnetic cobbing and separation, and the elimination of phosphorus. Past work is reviewed briefly and comments are made on the relation of laboratory to pilot-scale tests.