A Study of the Factors Present In Planning the Ventilation Needs of Diesel Vehicles In Operating Mines In Quebec

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 70, No. 778, 1977

R. B. Fermor, Ventilation Engineer, Consultant, Val d'Or, Quebec

Attention is drawn to the ventilation problems arising from the use of diesel vehicles underground, especially in view of the fact that diesel fumes in combination with other pollutants may be more harmful than diesel fumes alone or the other pollutants alone. Means for minimizing the harmful effects of using diesels underground are listed, and the quantities of air required in mines in which diesel-powered vehicles are used are discussed. Mines are classified in three categories on the basis of severity of ventilation problems, and statistics are given for these categories. Details of the various components contributing to total ventilation needs are given, and the ventilation needs of individual mines in the three categories are listed. A description is given of the principles according to which main ventilation coursing is planned and the selection and siting of main fans is discussed.
Keywords: Underground mining, Ventilation, Diesel vehicles, Quebec, Engines, Exhaust gases, Scrubbers, Pans.