A Study of Polynary Uranium Mo-Zr-Nb-V Alloys

CIM Bulletin, 1968

H. P. TARDIF, Deputy Chief,* Canadian Defence Research Staff, London, England

In a continuing investigation into the development of uranium alloys for armament applications, some complex base alloy corn positions were modified by varying the amount of alloying elements and by removing one or two of the alloying elements in turn from the base alloys. These uranium-base alloys were specially formulated in a search for heat-treatable, high-strength, ductile, high-density alloys. All alloys studied were ternary, quaternary or more complex alloys of uranium with molybdenum, zirconium, niobium and vanadium. Each cast alloy was studied under three different heat-treatments, and its mechanical and corrosion properties were determined. lt was found that although most of the alloys studied had the hardness and strength required, they were extremely brittle and notch-sensitive under tensile stresses.
Keywords: Alloys, Ductility, Ductility, Group 3, molybdenum, precipitation hardening, Rockwell C Hardness, Hardness, Phase, Strength, Temperature, test, Tests, Treatment, uranium