A Study of Chamber Lift

CIM Bulletin, 1960


A short description of the chamber lift method for producing oil wells is followed by some comments on compressor requirements and gas utilization. A quantitative analysis of the process is presented and, based on this analysis, criteria are suggested for selecting wells for which this type of lift might be suitable. The analysis leads to the conclusions that chamber lift is an efficient producing mechanism for wells haing very low productivity indices (say about 0.05 bbl / d / p.s.i. or less), but that for such wells optimum utilization of injection gas cannot be attained. It is suggested that the gas injection time per cycle should be kept as low as possible, compatible with a small oil fallback volume, and that the cycle frequency should be in the range of 20-40 cycles / day.
Keywords: analysis, annulus, bbl, gas lift, slug, static pressure, Cycles, formation, Oil, Oils, Pressure, Production, Slugs, Tubing, Wells