A Reservoir Study of the Pincher Creek Field

CIM Bulletin, 1952


THE PINCHER CREEK gas condensate field, in Township 3, Range 28, and '.'Townships 3 and 4, Range 29, West of the Fourth Meridian, was discovered in 1947 by the Canadian Gulf Oil Company with the completion of Pincher Creek No. 1 well in the Madison limestone of Mississippian age. This discovery was the result of a great deal of detailed seismic work in the area and is a credit to the geophysical personnel of the Company. The depth of the reservoir varies from 7,400 feet to 8,200 feet subsea, with the established water level at - 8,200 feet. The predicted depth was but a scant 100 feet from that found in the discovery well, at 11, 705 feet. Since the discovery of the reservoir, three additional wells have penetrated the Madison limestone and have further verified the original seismic interpretation of the limits of this reservoir.
Keywords: analysis, Chemicals, compressibility factor, contour map, limestone, Pincher Creek, reservoir, CORE, Fluids, Oil, Oils, Pressure, test, Tests, Wells