A Reservoir Study of the Excelsior Pool

CIM Bulletin, 1952


Production from the Excelsior Reservoir 1has amounted to approximately one million barrels. This production has caused a Pressure drop of 10 p.s.i. from the original pressure of 1,245 p.s.i.g. Volumetric balance calculations indicate that the pool as being produced by a water drive whose strength is probably unsurpassed in Western Canada. It has also been shown by 'unsteady state' calculations that the reservoir will still be above the saturation pressure of 915 p.s .. i.g. at the time of depletion. The average permeability c:fl the producing formation is approximately 1,000 millidarcys and, consequently, well draw-downs are very low. The field is essentially a bottom-water drive and calculations have shown that gravity drainage will greatly assist the recovery of oil. Water flooding data on several cores have placed the flushing efficiency at approximately 50 per cent, when indicates a recoverable oil ~in-place of 17.7 million stock tank barrels. calculations and field data indicate that the MER for the early life of this field is probably as high as 8,000 to 10,000 stock tank barrels per day
Keywords: acre, bbl, connate water, reservoir, saturation pressure, formation, Oil, Oils, Permeability, Pressure, Production, Recovery, Water, Waters, Wells