A Report of the Research Committee Coal Division C. I. M

CIM Bulletin, 1952


DURING 1951, experimental cleaning studies on both fines ,and larger sizes of certain Canadian coals were conducted on a relatively large scale in two pilot plants in the United States, large enough to be considered as small commercial units, and in one commercial plant in Canada. One of the pilot plant~ was a wet washer of a type which apparently has never been .used in Canada, nor has any Canadian coal been tested in it before. In the other pilot plant and in the commercial plant, dry cleaning equipment was used. The commercial plant is the first of its kind to be employed in Canada, and this type is used only to a limited extent in the United States.
Keywords: Ash, ash, Canadian, CLEAN COAL, dry cleaning, specific gravity, Clean coal, Coal, Fines, Materials, Plants, Process, Processes, test, Tests