A Reconnaissance Geochemical Survey in the Seal Lake Area, Labrador

CIM Bulletin, 1960

A reconnaissance geochemical survey, using the stream sediment technique, is described. The survey covered an area of about 400 square miles, in the Seal Lake area of central Labrador, underlain by basaltic flows, diabase and metadiabase sills, and sedimentary rocks. Previous work had indicated numerous small copper occurrences within the Seal Lake group of rocks. Stream sediments were tested for the readily extractable copper content and total heavy metal content. The results of the copper survey did not yield any new data on the distribution of copper mineralization. Results of the total heavy metal survey attracted attention to a remote portion of the area (Ten Mile Lake), which had hitherto been regarded as having no economic interest. The anomalous values found, suggested that zinc mineralization should occur in this region. Geological mapping indicated that the rocks exposed belonged to the Letitia Lake Group, which is older than the Seal Lake Group exposed to the east, which contains the copper mineralization of the district.
Keywords: amphibolite, copper, diabase, heavy metal, mineralization, copper, metals, mineralization, Rocks, Survey, Surveys, Value