A Progress Report on the Coal Valley Mining Project

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 71, No. 800, 1978

D. N. Thurston, Chief of Design & Contracts, Luscar Ltd., and R. C. Latimer, Plant Superintendent, Luscar Stereo (1977) Ltd., Edson, Alberta

Luscar Stereo commenced construction of the mine at Coal Valley, Alberta, in August, 1976. It is designed to produce approximately 2.5 million clean short tons of steam coal annually — 2.0 million tons per year being committed to Ontario Hydro and 0.5 million tons per year being committed to Neptune Terminals for sale on the export market.The project involves constructing a heavy-media coal preparation plant, erecting a 42-cubic-yard dragline, constructing a shop/office complex, and developing three surface mining zones and associated facilities.As there were no existing facilities in the Coal Valley area, it was necessary to establish access roads, an airstrip, temporary utilities, fuel supplies, a construction camp, rail upgrading and communication services.
Keywords: Coal mining, Coal preparation, Coal Valley Project, Luscar Stereo, Construction, Soils, Storage, Power systems, Environmental control, Open-pit mining, Mining equipment.