A practical solution to cable bolting problems at the Tsumeb Mine

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 75, No. 838, 1982

W.H. STHEEMAN, Manager - Mining, Tsumeb Corporation Limited, South West Africa/Namibia

The high rock pressures at the deeper levels of the Tsumeb Mine have necessitated the changing of the mining methods and the introduction of cable bolts. After two rock falls in the cable-bolted slopes, the mechanics of cable bolting were investigated. Practical methods were developed to find the best grout mixtures, the bond stresses between cables and cement, the bond stresses between rock and cement and the load on the cable bolts, which was mathematically calculated from data observed underground. The design of the cable bolt support system as used at the Tsumeb Mine is explained.
Keywords: Underground mining, Rock mechanics, Cable bolting, Tsumeb mine, Grouting, Bond stresses, Sloping.