A Nomenclature of Igneous Rocks

CIM Bulletin, 1952


M ANY TABLES of nomenclature for igneous rocks have been introduced from time to time, and each has its strong proponents. As a result, any discussion of igneous rocks is apt to prove confusing unless the names used for these rocks are defined. This became so obvious to a discussion group, formed by the members of the Geological Survey of Canada in 1948, that an attempt was made to establish a scheme of nomenclature that could be used by any member mapping anywhere in Canada. The writer was asked to co-ordinate the ideas presented by individuals in the discussion group, to arrange them in tabular form, and, later, to distribute copies of the resultant table to Canadian universities, provincial geological surveys, and some other geological discussion groups. Many useful suggestions and criticisms were received, were studied by members of the original group, and, so far as practicable, were incorporated in the scheme of nomenclature. The result is the table presented here.
Keywords: albite, Classification of Igneous Rocks, Geological Survey of Canada, porphyritic, quartz, classification, Feldspars, Igneous rocks, mineral, minerals, quartz, Rock, Rocks