A New Direct Iron Process 1n Relation to Ore and Steel Production

CIM Bulletin, 1959


I N THE writer's opinion, the most important industrial research problems in Canada concern development of technology for the treatment and commercial utilization of the recent discoveries of vast quantities of easily concentrated iron ores in both eastern and western Canada. They exist in both magnetite and hematite forms. The subject is doubly important because of the lack of metallurgical coking coal in Canada. Methods for utilizing our lower grade eastern and western coals for reduction purposes must be developed. We are fortunate in our supplies of oil and gas, which can supply the heat requirements for processing or for thermal electric plants, which are now competitive with hydro-electric plants in the industrial areas
Keywords: blast furnace, carbon monoxide, gangue, hematite, rotary kiln, Concentrating, Heat, Iron, Operation, Ore, Ores, Pellets, Production, Reduction