A Modern Approach to Open-Pit Blast Design and Analysis

CIM Bulletin, 1972

L. C. LANG. Supervisor, Applied Blasting Research, R. F. FAVREAU. Research Consultant, Tec hnical Marketing Services, Explosives Division, Canadian Industries Limited, Montreal, Quebec

In modern blasting technology blasts are designed and analysed on an energy-mass-time relationship. The energy of the explosive is derived by computer analysis and the work potential of the available energy is expressed in numerical values. The mass involved in the blast is determined by the geometry of the blast and by the rock density. Time is also a relevant parameter, because time is required to complete the three basic stages of the breakage process. For successful application of the blasting parameters the basic mechanism of the breakage process must be understood .
Keywords: Blast, blasting, Breakage, compressive strength, computer model, open-pit, Rock Bank, shock wave, energy, Explosives, Mine, Rock, Rocks