A method of extending wire rope service life

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 75, No. 842, 1982

S. WOOD, Manager of Marketing and Engineering, Rope Products, Greening Donald Co. Ltd., Hamilton, Ontario

Plastic Filled Valley (PFV) wire rope represents a significant development over the design of conventional wire rope. A sealing thermoplastic is impregnated under controlled conditions of temperature and pressure into a conventional lubricated wire rope to produce a lattice of plastic which surrounds and separates the strands from each other and from the core. Metal-to-metal contact is thereby alleviated and the lubricant is sealed in. The wear resistance, rope breaking load, fatigue resistance and crushing resistance are all increased. The result is a rope which offers exceptional service life.Laboratory tests carried out in Canada and at the University of Stuttgart, in West Germany, confirm the increase in fatigue life. The field trials conducted so far have indicated that the results obtained in the laboratory can be duplicated in the field.
Keywords: Equipment, Maintenance, Rope, Wire rope, Fatigue, Abrasion, Corrosion.