A different role in designing new mining projects.

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 91, No. 1017, 1998

J.K. Gowans, Research and Design, Project Development Division
Placer Dome Inc., Vancouver, British Columbia

The Research and Design group of the Project Development Division (PDD) of Placer Dome Inc. includes metallurgical, electrical, civil and mechanical engineers. They provide metallurgical research and conceptual flowsheet development, feasibility concepts for the processing and ancillary facilities, and manage the detailed design of the facilities once approval has been given to a mining project. This paper describes how this group works, within the Project Development Division, to help develop feasibility studies with the Evaluations Group, manage detailed design, and provide support for the Construction Group. The paper briefly reviews the history and growth of the group and describes how it is evolving. The role of outside engineering firms and how they are incorporated into the divisionÕs objectives are also discussed. The paper highlights the differences between Placer DomeÕs Project Development Division and other mining groups, and why this approach fits the way Placer Dome does business.
Keywords: Mine design, Project development.