A Case Study on Dust Abatement for Mining Projects


The proliferation of dust on mining sites is an ongoing issue requiring constant attention. Proper dust control is paramount in mine planning, construction and operations as well as minimizing health and safety concerns. With the scrutiny of environmental regulations and mandates with mining operations, there have been few eco-friendly options available to mitigate dust. ACP Dust Control is offering a newly engineered innovative product called DustClear. This product is a water-based emulsion sprayed on the road surface, tailings or other areas requiring dust abatement. The emulsion is specially formulated to penetrate the graded surface, leaving behind residual binder that controls dust while keeping the surface more stable during wet conditions. This is accomplished without the use of any harmful chemicals or solvents that may pose an environmental risk. Furthermore, Environment Canada is taking steps to reduce Volatile Organic Compound emissions across various industries. This paper will provide a summary of ACP Dust Control offering and the overview of the US trials completed. It will cover product characteristics, environmental benefits, and potential applications. It will provide insight into the plant based version of the product that has a reduced environmental footprint due to using renewable agricultural materials. Lastly, it present trial opportunities available to the Canadian mining industry with focus on Dust Control for Mining Roads and Tailings.