Kim Valade, Meglab

Automation and data analysis are at the heart of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, a trend that has also conquered the mining sector. Autonomous or remote controlled vehicles, location of workers and ventilation on-demand are already present thanks to high-performance telecommunication technologies. Our “Connected” electrical substation takes advantage of existing networks while adding valuable information for decision-making. We believe that electrical equipment plays a role beyond a power terminal; it also becomes a network connection terminal, an indispensable tool that now allows communication within this equipment via LTE, Wi-Fi, IP telephony or other. With this system, the intelligent substation can send to surface data such as temperature of the transformers, total amperage being consumed, voltage, Arc Flash detection, the hot spots and other critical elements which delivers real-time monitoring of these important factors. Built in sensors can trigger alarms to inform the operator of any anomalies which allows operator to take necessary precautionary actions thus avoiding damage to equipment or loss of production. Two-way exchanges allow an operator on the surface to offload or change the energy input in different areas of the mine, to optimize the use of generators in case of power failure. The smart substation is essential during an emergency; it can provide power for ventilation at specific locations, or target pumping to prevent flooding. This information can be viewed on an HMI device such as a tablet or a mobile phone from anywhere in the mine connected to the network. This all-in-one intelligent substation can be equipped with cameras and a multitude of sensors that support telemetry implementation, which is increasingly present in today's mines. Multifunctional, this equipment can serve as a charging station for electric mobile equipment.
Keywords: smart substation, data analysis, 4.0 mine,