3D Geology & Structure modeling in narrow veins.


NA Jonathan Franco (Resource Geologist - RLGM Goldcorp)

In 2013 Red Lake Gold Mines (owned and operated by Goldcorp Inc.) was successful exploring at the H.G Young exploration project area located in Northwestern Ontario. The H.G Young mine was a small historic gold producer during the 1960’s focused on the mining of narrow quartz-tourmaline +/- scheelite Au veins. These veins were typically 0.3-1.2 m wide and hosted by the Balmer Assemblage (2.99-2.96 Ga). This is dominated by tholeiitic basalt flows, komatiite, and komatiitic basalt with some Rhyolitic units. Since the end of 2013 RLGM has extended the originally mined H.G Young style veins and discovered additional styles of mineralization similar to those found at the Red Lake Camp. The success at H.G Young exploration project was achieved by challenging the existing geological ideas and the introduction of a software capable of managing a large amount of information. This increased the understanding of these old, narrow and structurally complex deposits and created the ability to quickly model, run multiple scenarios and test different theories.